I’m up for work on this lovely Sunday morning, and as I wait for confirmation on the project, I thought I might as well record a few thoughts.

Is January really winding down already? I want to know why time doesn’t go as slowly (overall) as it did when I was a kid. Do I just not notice the little things? Am I wasting the moments that I used to utilize? How do I get back to that time warp where everything seems to last a bit longer? If you have any thoughts, please share. I’d love to think/act on that.

On that same line of thought, can it really be that I’m only 3 1/2 months away from having a baby? It seems to be going so quickly. Baby and I hit a milestone week though. At this point (24 weeks), 85% of premature babies survive. While we have no worries about this happening, it’s still kind of fun to think that we’ve made it this far and each week chances are even better for a healthy baby. As I say that, she’s moving around letting me know things are well. I’m a happy girl.

And with those thoughts, I just got word I can go back to bed for 45 minutes. Hurray!