Every once in a while you get a little validation for something you’ve done. Today I did a random internet search of my name, and I was a little surprised to find a few things. When I’ve done this before, I didn’t have anything come up that was really me (just other Lisa Mabeys or Lisa Soderquists). And I don’t count Facebook as a real search return on your name. But this time, I found two people who had quoted (almost in entirety) an article I wrote on scrapbooking on their blogs. The blog entries are from September 2009 and December 2008, so they’re a little buried, but it’s crazy to see your article pop up in random places. It was a pretty good article. 



I also found something a little more random. One of my coworkers needed to send a thank you card, and asked if I had one I could give her. I did. So I let her send my very cute watercolored turtle card shown on this blog. The blogger attributes the card to Kim (who sent it to her), but I really made it. So it’s an indirect pat on the back.


I’ve never met any of these ladies, so it is kind of cool to get the recognition, even if it’s something you happen to run into during a Google search of your name. :)