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Scallop Border and lollipop flowers vinyl

Lest you think that my crafting ambitions are one-dimensional, I’m blogging about something a little different–vinyl. I love how vinyl is so clean and crisp and it’s super hard to mess up. 

I’ve done several smaller vinyl projects around my house, but decided it was time to do one of the big projects I’ve had in mind for several months now. I bought this cute polka dot scalloped border with the thought that I’d put it along the ceiling of one wall of the nursery.

Vinyl Border Above Closet

Wider view of the vinyl border

I bought six packages thinking that each one was about 30 inches long. Well, the pieces are 30 inches long, but there are three pieces in each package, not one. This means that I have three times as much as I thought I did, so there’s now enough to go around the entire room. (I over estimated how much I’d need when purchasing just in case I messed up.)

I love how well the pieces went together. Considering that there’s a seam every three scallops, it was a lot of piecing, but the dots are forgiving so it looks better than I first thought it would. The whole room took several hours to do (which involved moving furniture), so it zapped my energy for the next few days. Plus, I wanted to get a photo in natural light so you could see the detail. Hence the gap in posting. But at least it was for a project. :)

Now that the room’s complete, what do you think?