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I love sugar in almost all its majestic forms. Chocolate, candies, cakes, brownies, truffles, you name it (except pies—not so big on hot fruit or pie crust for that matter). Well, last year on Memorial Day I decided I was going to stop eating sugary treats for a year because it’s on My List of things to accomplish (see here for more about that). So my year’s up this coming May, and I’ve done awesome all year long.

Several years ago after doing my regular two-month stint off sugar, I indulged in a frosted doughnut (okay, two). Tasty, but my body violently rejected the sugar rush later that night. I’ve learned since then not to repeat the performance and to ease back into sugar.

After that anecdote, you’ll appreciate my fear of my upcoming gestational diabetes test (pretty much all pregnant women have to take it). This test consists of a nasty, highly sugary, orange-flavored “soda” that you have to drink so that they can draw your blood after an hour to see how your body handles it. I talked to my doctor about not really having sugar (except for in regular foods like peanut butter and stuff like that) at my last appointment, but it didn’t change her mind about having to drink the stuff. Instead she just suggested that I have a little sugar a day or two before the test so I can keep it down.

So now what? After all this time I don’t want to break down and have sugar, but it’s going to happen anyway (and this drink isn’t even going to be pleasant). Do I eat a little sugar the day before or risk the “soda” explosion? Can I still count my goal as accomplished come May? I really don’t want to start the year over again…