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So I’ve fallen in love with the idea of baby slings. Baby is close, my hands are free, people don’t so much touch baby (when she’s newborn) because she’s strapped to me. Awesome.

Baby Sling Mock-up

Baby slings are stinkin’ expensive, and I can’t figure out why. They’re a styled tube of fabric! So I thought to myself, “I can do that.” With a little help from the internet, that is. I found a site with a tutorial, got out some mock-up fabric, and a little while later came out of it with a baby sling.

I even tried it out with a 10 lb. bag of sugar. It was a little long, so I shortened it a bit for a better fit. So now I just have to choose some fabulous fabric (which I promise will cost a lot less than the $30-$60 slings I’ve found) and exchange my sugar bag for a real baby, which will work so much better especially since I won’t have a bump in front. :)

I also learned what a french seam is and how to make one. Sounds so sophisticated (it’s not), but this novice has to start learning somewhere. And with my sewing machine in its new prominent place on my desk (after a LOT of organizational rework; see below), I’ll have no excuses for not getting more adventurous in my sewing projects.

New Desk Organization

New Desk Organization