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Zebra Booties

Zebra Booties

I’m creating a shoe snob, and she hasn’t even been born yet. About ten years ago, I found a pair of red, patent leather baby shoes on the clearance rack of a shoe store. I bought them of course, and they’ve been stored away for all these years just waiting for a little girl to fill them.

Then recently I found a pattern for these cute little booties here, and couldn’t resist trying them out.

I only have black felt, so I was going through my ribbon to find something fun to go with it, and I found this zebra ribbon. I also found several other adorable options, but Chad weighed in and the zebra ribbon won instantly. They’re pretty tiny, so they’re obviously cute. And I find it funny that soft babyish ribbon didn’t win out. Heavens no, we’re going for high fashion here. :)

How many more pairs of these booties will I make? Who knows, but if any of you are having babies soon, a pair may show up at your baby shower…