“In the depths of winter, I learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

I was exposed to this thought in high school, and loved it. Then I forgot about it. Several months ago I ran across it again, and immediately wrote it on a post-it note to take home with me. The post-it note floated around in my purse for several weeks. Every time I went to organize or throw away receipts, it came to the surface again.

I love the imagery of this thought. The outside can be cold and frozen, dark and dormant, but inside lay a miracle–an invincible summer. And the day I ran across it again I was feeling wintery. A bit dead inside. But it gave me hope. I can change the things I need to change, and I can carry on in the things that are difficult. Because there is an invincible summer inside me.

It reminds me of the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. About a little boy’s summer of learning and discovery, I am continually drawn to the fresh perspectives and wonder he finds because he is looking for them. And they can lie in wait for me if I look for them. The discovery of being alive–really alive–is something I’d love to feel this coming (literal) summer.

It’s been many years since my summer wasn’t somehow lost to the grown-up world of work. Summer looks the same as winter inside an office building every day. Year after year I get excited for the coming of summer, then it passes before I know it and I haven’t really gotten out.

I’m determined to make this summer different. At the very least I’ll be out of the office environment and charged with a new little life. I imagine that my summer will be filled with little discoveries and simple joys. No doubt there will be sleepless nights and frustrations along with it, but I’ll just remember that invincible summer and look for the amazing tidbits.