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1970 Dodge Challenger with Hemi

Orange Pearl Hemi Car

Yes, it's got a Hemi

Yes, it's got a Hemi

Dad at home in the engine compartment

Dad at home in the engine compartment

1970 Dodge Challenger

Plum Crazy Challenger

Last weekend I took tons of pictures at the car show, and this morning I sat down to look at a few of them. I’m amazed that I can claim to have taken them (although one of my absolute favorites of the weekend was Chad’s–I just couldn’t get on my belly to take it).

I have to add here that Dad is absolutely in heaven when he’s around cars and car enthusiasts. And I love being around him when he’s so happy. While I didn’t get tons of photos of Dad, the ones I got show a side of my Dad that I love.

I also admit to getting excited about the cars themselves. There’s something classic and mean and beautiful about the body lines, the power, and the vintage qualities that I am drawn to. I think that’s why I like taking photos of them so much.

There are a few here, and a few more in the photo gallery