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Sadly, the house is still torn up without any progress on the floors. Apparently we’re waiting on a part for the sander before any work can be done. So our house continues to look like we’re either moving in or out, and it’s slightly embarrassing every time someone knocks on the door. But hopefully the work will happen this week and we can get things put back together.

On Friday, Chad took me to the symphony. It was a total surprise until we got there, and to my delight they were performing Verdi’s Requiem. I think Chad was surprised that the whole performance was sung, not just symphony music, but I was in heaven.

I have long been a fan of the Dies Irae (the Day of Wrath). It’s seriously the most powerful angry music I’ve ever heard (I recommend listening to a clip of it at the link above, but turn up the volume for the full experience). It’s amazing to me that something so full of fury and wrath could be part of a worship service, but regardless, I’m in awe of Verdi’s creation. It’s truly magnificent.

One really amazing part of the performance was the part of the Dies Irae where the trumpets sound. They had several trumpets stationed around the auditorium, so it was surround-sound and incredible to be in the middle of the music. Beautiful and inspirational.