We blessed Saige today at church, and with the occasion has come lots of thoughts.

  • I’m not typically very sentimental, but for some reason Saige has changed that for me. Today she wore a little gold ring that has been passed down from generation to generation. She’s the fifth generation to wear it as a baby–almost 93 years ago my great grandma (Saige’s Great Great Grandma Pearl) was the first to wear it. That’s incredible to me.
  • Saige also wore a little dress crocheted for her by her great grandma Soderquist. I wanted to bless her in the dress that I wore to be blessed in, but this morning I discovered that her little chubby neck was too big for the dress. She looked adorable in her own dress though.
  • I am so incredibly blessed. We had so many people come to the blessing that I was in awe. Even a past bishop from Chad and my singles ward came. I was truly touched. It wasn’t really about the number of people there, it was about the relationships and the amazing friends and relatives that Chad and I have made over the years.
  • I think I was the proudest mama ever. I couldn’t contain my tears, but that probably doesn’t surprise anyone. How grateful I am to be a mom finally. I happened later than I had planned all those years ago, but what an amazing gift motherhood is.

Addendum: I wasn’t the only sentimental one on Sunday. Chad wore the tie and pin he got from his grandfather when he blessed Saige. It was a sweet sentiment and his way of including his hero in the day.