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I saw this skirt a while back made by Alisa Burke, and just knew I had to try it. The funny thing is that I am really not a ruffly skirt kind of girl. If you look in my closet, there are no ruffles on my skirts or dresses. None.

But something about this skirt grabbed me. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t look like everything else in my closet (i.e. a pencil skirt of various solid colors or the occasional straight a-line). I loved how classic the petticoat looked by itself, and the bonus feature (real purpose) it served. I also love how comfy it looks with the long-sleeved t-shirt (I used to live in those, and think I might return to the look) and cute boots. I even have a pair of Victorian looking boots with buttons all up the side. It will look smashing with the petticoat come winter.

I really just intended to wear it alone, but then I tried it on with another skirt I have and loved the layered look. Unfortunately, the skirt over the top is not really that short…I had to roll it up to see the petticoat underneath. Now I want to make a skirt that is intentionally too short–perhaps short enough to see two layers of ruffles. This could turn into something dangerous…