New Pantry

New Pantry.

Pantry with pull-out drawers...heavenly.

Pantry with pull-out drawers...heavenly.

I really love getting organized. There’s something fabulous about having everything in a prescribed place that makes sense. There have been several things in my kitchen organization that haven’t made sense to me (you know there’s something amiss when you still go to the wrong drawer for wooden spoons after two years) and so when Chad built me a new pantry for the kitchen, I took the opportunity to revamp the whole thing.

I’m loving it. The pantry is HUGE and gives me enough space to put lots of food storage. He matched the existing stain on the cupboards and built me plenty of shelves and pull-out drawers which are super nice. Note: the sticky notes on the front of the cabinets were for organizational purposes originally (it’s way easier to move sticky notes than actual items) but then turned into a guide so we could find everything in its new home.

And how fun is it that I now have my baking supplies in fun jars and everything’s accessible without taking half of the shelf out to reach what’s in the back! I even found items I didn’t know I had anymore because the food was so stuffed into every nook and cranny that I couldn’t see all of it. Not any more!

Thanks, babe. You’re the greatest!