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Argyle Pajama Shorts

Argyle Pajama Shorts

I always sleep in pajama pants–even in the summer. But sometimes it’s really hot, so I end up pulling the legs of my pants up over my knees to sleep so it’s a little cooler. At this point I’m thinking, “Why am I in pants again?”

So it was time for pajama shorts. I pulled out this kind of loud argyle print and thought it would make a smashing pair. Armed with this tutorial, I jumped in. I learned that you have to pay attention to how the front and back pieces go together (I cut the pieces so that the wrong side of the front fabric showed while the right side of the back showed…oops).

But with a new piece cut out, I didn’t find any troubles putting these beauties together. I think next time I’ll make them a bit more roomy with a little higher rise (the waistband took a little more of the rise than I anticipated) but overall it was a good experiment. Hurray for shorts.