Leicester Friends

Lahnna, Andrea, Alan, and Sahana

Seven years ago (almost 7-1/2) we met in England when we all were there to do a study abroad semester. In just three short months, we became incredibly close. I make friends slowly, so this was a change for me. But we leaned on each other almost like a surrogate family, and all these years later, we still make an effort to see each other.

This time, my dear friends came to visit me. They came to meet my sweet husband, my precious baby, and to share time with each other. Oh, how I loved it. It reminded me to take care of these wonderful relationships and to find ways to communicate with each of them more often–something I’m not good at.

Sahana, Lahnna, Andrea, and Alan (and Andrea and Adam), thank you so much for your friendship over the last seven years–I love you all!

The Gang

The Gang