My mom is the coolest mom ever. When I was young, she made an alphabet book for me. She made it out of simple materials, hand-drawn pictures, and photos of family. I loved that book. I wish I still had it, but it didn’t survive. But the idea has stuck with me, and I still remember several of the pages (especially “L” since there was a picture of me on that page).

So I’ve decided to write and design a little book for my Saige. But I can’t decide what it should be about. Something super simple, but meaningful. So my next few days worth of craft time will be less visible for that reason.

But I hope what comes from this time is a book she will treasure. With the photo books that are so affordable these days, it will look and feel like a story book you could buy, but hopefully my effort will make it worth more in her eyes.

And thank you, Mom, for my book.