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We went to Idaho again this weekend, and I loved it. I love that we always have a relaxing time and that I get to spend time with my parents.

This time, Dad took a whole day off work and we went to the fair to enjoy the day. It was so fun to have the time with him and watch him be a grandpa. Dad is friends with a family who owns a team of Belgian draft horses, so we got a ride in their wagon and see the animals up close. They’re fabulous. It was also lovely to eat carameled apples and elephant ears–both of which I missed out on last year because I wasn’t eating sugar. Everyone had a good time. I mean, it’s not every day you get to see my dad as an ear of corn!

We also got the opportunity to take some five generation photos, since my great grandma was visiting my grandma. What an incredible thing that was. Remember me talking about Saige’s ring? Well, we had all the generations who have worn that ring as babies in one room. We took the opportunity of taking a photo of Saige’s hand with Great Grandma Pearl’s hand–the first and most recent hands to wear that little ring.

What a lovely weekend it was!