I have what I like to affectionately (and sometimes not-so-affectionately) call spaghetti arms. Long and thin–almost to a fault. I also sometimes call them “monkey arms,” but that’s usually reserved for when I’m trying to find long-sleeved shirts and am frustrated. Well, I’ve been carrying a baby around for a few months now, and look what popped up. Mama muscle! (Don’t laugh, this tiny bump is impressive for me.)

I showed Chad the other day, and he said (after looking rather impressed), “You sure didn’t have those when we got married.” So true.

I’ve noticed other muscles as well although I’m not going to show them to you. Sometimes I go to bed feeling as though I just got back from the gym. And wake up the next morning feeling like it too. But it’s a good thing. I rather like this new toned look. And just think…these muscles will probably continue to get more toned as my Saige grows. That’s an exercise program I can get on board with.