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apron, baking apron, full apronI have a dear friend who watches Saige for a couple of hours each Monday morning while I go to a few meetings at work.

I saw this fun apron tutorial, and got started almost immediately. I altered it to fit the matching fabric I had. I didn’t have as much of the contrasting fabric as was called for, but it was too perfect to find different contrasting fabric (it was simply begging to be turned into an apron). So my waistband isn’t as wide, and it doesn’t tie in the front. I also made the apron a little longer since my friend is taller than I am. Since I was giving it away, I folded and wrapped it up all cute and then remembered I hadn’t taken a photo. I was so NOT undoing the folding.

So here’s the folded apron ready to give away. Thanks again, Angie!