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Recently I’ve been asked to make a few cards. It’s kind of fun to make cards when you have lots of stuff and people request something particular. It’s a challenge, and I like it. Although it was interesting sitting down to create cards with old stuff when I just got new fun girly things to play with.

sympathy cardThis card was for a man Chad works with who recently lost a son. So I needed a sympathy card for a man. I think sympathy cards are hard enough as it is, but making any card for a man adds a degree of difficulty for me. I really like how it turned out though. Simple, muted colors, nothing fancy or frilly, and big enough for lots of people to sign.

I was also asked to make up a couple of Christmas cards for our Relief Society event coming up. Something simple enough to replicate on site and that I had enough materials to donate. I made two cards, and wanted them to appeal to different tastes. I don’t know how many people are interested in them (I didn’t see the sign-up sheet), but it was a good challenge anyway. And then I forgot to take photos of them, but I’ll get some when I teach the class next week.