Once upon a time many years ago, I saw a skirt that I adored. It was a long denim skirt on a girl passing by. I remember staring at the cuteness, and wondering where she got it. It was like a wrap skirt with a cool front panel.

Fast forward many years, and I’ve still never seen another one like it. I still wonder where she got it.

About a month ago I was going through my clothing and grabbed an old pair of Express trousers from my closet. A roommate’s sister had given them to me, and I’d never worn them because they didn’t fit.

(Insert story: Nearly 6 years ago, I lost a good amount of weight suddenly and without any warning. I dropped 2 sizes, but kept a good amount of clothing in the larger size just KNOWING that as soon as I got rid of them I’d gain weight and need them again. Six years and a baby later, I’m still my smaller size and have finally decided to get rid the ones I didn’t wear while pregnant. End of inserted story.)

So I had to make the “DI it or make something out of it” decision, I went with the latter. I started thinking about that skirt for some reason, and the idea came to try to recreate it in a shorter version since I’d never be able to find the same fabric to make a longer version. I love how it turned out.

It’s got the sleek tailored look of an Editor pant (which it started out as), but with extra comfyness that comes with the inside panel. Hence, I named it the Panelist skirt.

When you’re standing still, it looks like a slim pencil skirt. But when walking or sitting, you see this is no ordinary skirt. I love the split look when sitting and the fact that it doesn’t crawl up when you sit down like a fitted skirt would. And the panel goes far enough around that you don’t have to worry about being modest–you’re covered even if a small child squirms in your lap.

And then there’s walking or getting up and down off the floor (i.e. to change diapers). Once again, you’re covered and there’s no worries about having to take small steps. Ah, the perfect skirt. Some day I’ll make the longer version, but until then, I think I’ll make another short version out of another pair of pants from the same era (see inserted story).

The best part is that it’s pretty easy to create. Would you like to make one? If so, I’m creating a tutorial that will be up soon.