Yesterday was my birthday, and I think I was in heaven all day long. Chad made me breakfast then watched Saige for me while I went to a Super Saturday, and he did a fabulous job. I was helping clean up a little, and noticed out a window that my sweet husband was taking my baby and the dogs for a walk. It looked something like this (although I took this photo today):

When I got home, he’d mopped the kitchen floor (my all-time most hated chore) and done other chores around the house on top of wrapping a birthday gift for me. I was very impressed. We spent some quiet family time at home for a few hours, and I had fun sitting out on the front lawn exploring leaves with Saige.

Chad surprised me with a nice birthday dinner while Saige’s grandma came to play. After dinner we went for a nice walk downtown, and I felt like a girl in love. A nice stroll in an urban setting on a crisp-but-not-cold November evening with a handsome man all the while knowing that my baby was sleeping peacefully with her grandma watching. We followed dinner and the stroll with fondue dessert…yum!

I even got a new lens for my camera, so I can now take photos from farther away. Hurray! After getting home, Saige woke up, so I even got to kiss and cuddle her and put her to bed (although it took a lot longer than normal). It really was a wonderful day from the moment I woke to the moment I laid my head on the pillow.