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Can you tell I am liking the refashions this week? Last Monday, I went to my closet and pulled out a great sweater to wear to work. I put it on, then realized I looked completely frumpy. It was a little boxy and a little short, so I changed and went to work in something else.

When I got home, I started looking at the sweater and thought I might as well try giving it new life since it’s a great color and it’s H&M (my favorite).

My first thought was simply turning it into a cardigan with ties at the top, but that idea evolved, and I love what came out of it.H&M sweater refashion

I started by ironing on some interfacing, then cutting up the center of the sweater.

Then I turned the edges under, and sewed them down. I could have stopped there, and it would have looked like this:H&M sweater refashion

But I knew I’d get more use out of it as a button-down cardi. So I decided to get a little fancy by sewing contrasting 1/8″ ribbon down the center of the ties, then pinning them into some pleats. 

I sewed the underneath of the pleats with my sewing machine, then hand-tacked the rest down so there was still some depth to the pleats.

Add the buttons to the front, and I was done!

Easy enough, but it looks quite different, and I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it now. No more frump!

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