Bibs and burp clothsSaige really likes to chew on cloth. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a burp cloth, a blanket, or her shirt–if it’s available, she chews on it. This may be because she’s pretty much had a burp cloth near her face for her whole life.

The other day I took Saige to her 6-month appointment. Of course, I had one of the burp cloths I made (above) at the ready, and Saige reached for it. The pediatrician said something about her lovey, and I mentioned it was a burp cloth. She looked at me a little funny, then said, “I was sure it was a lovey–it’s the fanciest burp cloth I’ve ever seen.”

It didn’t seem all that impressive to me, but I guess that I sometimes forget that those who don’t craft regularly have a different perspective on handmade items than those who stalk crafting blogs. I had a proud moment that I’d created something someone admired.

And while Saige hasn’t chosen a lovey and doesn’t seem to have a propensity for any item in particular (yet), it just might end up being a burp cloth…