It’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve written 100 posts, but it’s true. I wanted to mark the occasion somehow, but was at a kind of loss for something meaningful but fun.

What I came up with was a look back at the first post where I nervously (and without much grand goal-setting) stepped into the world of blogging. I stated that my purpose was to share my projects, photos, and thoughts with those who wanted to see that part of me. I think I’ve done that.

But the same trepidation that is present in that first post is still lingering in my mind. My purpose was so vague that it’s hard not to fulfill it. But the vagueness comes from me not knowing what I really want out of the blog. Do I want to make it more public? Do I want to keep it small and intimate? If I were to step wholeheartedly into making the blog more public, would it remain true to me? I’ve tried different things throughout these first 100 posts, and I feel most comfortable when I’m just sharing without any other agenda.

But is my comfort getting in the way of something exciting and that could possibly help me in some way? I am not afraid of change, but sometimes it takes me a while to accept the fact that change is due.

So now I turn to you. Why do you read my blog? (This is not a rhetorical question.) What kinds of posts do you enjoy most? In a dream world, what would the next 100 posts look like? I have some thinking to do, but it’s good thinking.