Saige is now seven months. Time flies when you’re having fun (and we really are). This month has been busy with 3 visits to Idaho, lots of family, and a few learning adventures.

Here are a few highlights (and photos) for the month:

  • Paper is so interesting. Christmas is going to be a blast!
  • She’s so good at sitting that she can reach things really far away without any trouble.
  • She sleeps on her tummy now, mostly with her bum in the air. It’s adorable, although this picture doesn’t do it justice.
  • We went to the free day at the aquarium, and she loves watching the fish.
  • I think there’s some shopping in her future.
  • And some crafting (she made the craft mess all by herself while I was surfing craft blogs…)
  • She met her Uncle Brandon, although fell asleep waiting with her sign.
  • She tried a marshmallow. It’s kind of a family tradition, and her Aunt Kara decided it was her time. It was the cutest thing ever, although I wasn’t sure I wanted her having the sugar.
  • Eating is the best…for everyone. If you’ve ever seen the movie What About Bob?, you’ll understand how funny eating time is. It’s a whole body experience. She opens her mouth in anticipation for the bite, then as soon (or sometimes a little before) the spoon is in her mouth, she starts “mmm” ing. Sometimes you even get a “num.” She does this with her eyes closed, savoring every bite. And all the while, her little legs are kicking with sheer pleasure. Makes me feel like a gourmet chef even though I’m far from it.

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