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Okay, so I went a little crazy with the Handmade Beginnings projects, but it was from the library and I’ll eventually have to return it. I also decided to make her nesting blocks. Bad idea.

The projects in the book are arranged from easy to hard for each type of project. These blocks were the first in the section, so they should have been simple. The concept was simple, but I have decided I’m not a quilter/piecer. Apparently I’m not any good at it. The outsides of the cubes went fairly smoothly. It was only when I started putting the interfacing and the inner cubes into the outer that I had huge issues. Nothing really fit like it was supposed to. My interfacing wasn’t fusing like it should have. Everything felt like it was falling apart.

Much frustration ensued. I finally got things fairly straight, and then realized that she wanted me to sew along the bottom of each cube with the sewing machine. I tried it around one corner, and decided that wasn’t going to work for me (it was pulling the interfacing away from the fabric on the sides, which was what I’d just spent a lot of time trying to fix in the first place). So what’s a girl to do? Pull out the hot glue. Yup, I glued the openings closed and saved myself a lot of frustration.

Then I tacked the inside corners like she suggested, and the results are better than I first thought they’d be (I was really tempted to throw it all away, but knew I was too close to give up the battle), but they’re still not spectacular. So we’ll remember that they’re for an infant, refrain from looking too closely, and just enjoy my little one playing with her new toy.

Perhaps it would be an easy project for someone a little more meticulous than I, but I still don’t think it’s the easiest project in the section.

(I was so excited to be done with the project that I immediately wrapped it up and stuck it under the Christmas tree without a photo…I’ll have to remember to get a picture of her playing with it to post later. I’m NOT unwrapping it.)