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These cute flowers probably aren’t new to you if you frequent many craft blogs (and I’ve even blogged about them here), but I really love them for my hair and also for Saige’s headbands. But I’m too practical to want lots of bulky headbands hanging around. And sometimes you don’t want your flower on a headband, you want it on a bobby pin…so I got thinking and here’s my solution.

For my hair, I want to be able to use one rigid headband for pretty much all the flowers. So I glued a piece of felt to the back of my flowers leaving a little space for the headband and/or bobby pin to slide through.

So I can mix and match the flowers (and even this feathered piece) on a single headband or bobby pin with little-to-no effort.

And what about Saige? Since baby headbands need to stretch, I went with a little piece of velcro (the hook part) on the headband, and then I put the soft loopy side on the backs of her flowers.

So I only have to keep track of one headband, and it takes about two seconds to coordinate with her dress/outfit. Nifty, eh?

And if you’re interested in making some of these flowers, here’s the simple steps you can find lots of places:

  1. Cut out different sized circles from polyester lining.
  2. Over a candle, melt the edges of the circles.
  3. Stack the circles, sew them together, and add embellishments to the center (glitter, buttons, or beads are fun).
  4. (My addition) Glue on the felt or sew on the velcro for interchangeable flowers!