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I’ve mentioned before how much I love bustles (here and here). I also love baby bums. How delicious is it to put a baby bum under a bustle? Very. So after raising the hem on the Blueprint skirt to make the Bustle skirt, I had some fabric left. So I made this skirt (and another just like it for a friend’s baby).

I think it’s fantastically cute. I took the instructions from here, and tweaked Saige’s so the bustle is not part of the actual skirt panel, which is how I imagined it would be made. Then I made the second one according to the tutorial. They look almost identical–Saige’s is just unattached. Love them both; experimenting is fun.

<img   src=”http://hadfield.smugmug.com/photos/978446890_7b2ZN-O.png”   />