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Have I ever told you all how amazing my husband is? He is very talented in many areas, and home improvement is one area where he shines. He worked in a high-end cabinet shop for years, so the man knows wood and bathroom/kitchen design. Really. He finished up the window this past weekend, so it’s all finished!

So when he said he wanted to redo our bathroom, I was all about it. When we moved into our house the bathroom looked like this:

Not very useful or pretty. Yes, the toilet really is hidden back there behind that wall along with dead space. We figured out (after the demolition began) that there used to be another half bathroom behind that wall, but they decided to combine them into one non-functional room by leaving a vent inside that wall instead of moving it over just a bit. (See hole in floor below. And sorry for Chad’s unfortunate seating–it’s the only other picture I have of the room before!)

Yeah. Chad ripped the whole room down to the studs

and rebuilt it back to this:

I was in charge of picking/designing most of it, but Chad is the real hero here. He custom built the vanity based on a couple of pictures we found in magazines and then combined. He also built the cabinets and all the trim out of cherry wood, and they’re beautiful. He did all the tile work and everything else (except mudding and taping the dry wall) and put in a lot of little extras.

We got a jetted tub, cool fixtures and sinks (which are incidentally great for babies, although we didn’t know that while picking things out), a huge skylight for tons of natural light, a new window, and heated floors.

As my sister has said, “I could live in your bathroom.”