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My friend Angie and I tried out glass etching a couple of weeks ago. We both did a couple of cassarole dishes, and I etched a cute saying/date on the glass over a series of photos of Chad and I. They turned out pretty well for a first try (yay!).

I was so proud of the frame that I got it all hung up in preparation for Chad to come home, even though I knew the frame was a little shaky. A few hours later, we hear a HUGE crash, and both Chad and I go to see what it was.

There on the floor was my newly-etched glass/frame along with some other things. The frame had come apart, and on the way down had broken the glass, gouged my piano in a couple of places, put a dent in the hardwood, and snapped the delicate necks of my favorite South African giraffe carving.

I think we both stood there staring for a couple of minutes before cleaning anything up. The frame is gone (although the etched part of the glass is still in tact, ironically); the dents in the piano and floor remain. But I was able to glue my giraffes back together without any visible damage.

Maybe next time I should hang up my newest creation with a “Danger” sign.