I’ve thought about this day several times lately and how I’ve never written it down. If I don’t, one day it will be gone, and that would make me sad. So here goes the story of probably my favorite valentine’s day ever. (Note: I’m a terrible story teller, so I apologize in advance, but I had to write it down.)

Chad and I had been married for a short while (like a month and a half) on our first Valentine’s Day. Chad’s family had a cabin up Logan Canyon, so we decided to go stay the night. The plan was to go and do a few repairs on the heater, have a nice rustic getaway, and enjoy our time together.

We headed up the canyon, and there was heavy snow on the ground and more falling. Chad, always the good driver, got us to the cabin in our trusty little Toyota pickup after having a little fun bashing the drifts.

We got into the cabin and built a little fire (it had to stay little because the fireplace also needed to be repaired) to get warm until the heater was fixed. It was a cold night, and I was glad for the fire. Chad worked on the heater for a while, then decided he needed a part he didn’t have, so we headed into Logan.

When we got back, I started some dinner in the limited kitchen and Chad worked on the heater again. After a burnt dinner (FYI, don’t try to cook Shake ‘n Bake chicken in a skillet), Chad determined that yet another part was needed. So we took our second trip into Logan.

When we got back, he went back to the heater, and I went back to the fire to stay warm. It had been several hours by this point, and I still hadn’t taken off my coat or mittens, and was pretty chilled all the way to the core. I was actually happy about the trips into Logan because it meant heat in the truck and in the store.

About 11:00 PM that night, Chad gave up on the heater for the night. It was a really cold night, and we decided we needed some way to stay warm since the heater wasn’t going to work. After weighing our options (including finding a hotel to stay in), we went back into Logan for the third time–this time in search of an electric blanket. It was a fruitless search. We looked in the three or four stores still open that late, and there wasn’t a single electric blanket to be found (really, this is Logan, there should have been an abundance even in April). After consulting with each other again, we decided to tough it out with the multitude of blankets in the cabin. On the way back we saw tons of deer on the side of the road, so we watched them for a few minutes.

We made a bed on the floor next to the fire and piled on the blankets. In order to be warm enough, we had lots on the pile, and it was heavy (almost to a fault) once you were inside. We watched a movie on the laptop, then drifted off to sleep.

Once morning came, Chad was back to the heater while I made us some breakfast. We had tentatively planned to stay at the cabin for at least another night, but by the time we had gone through the night (and Chad DID finally get the heater working) we both decided that we were done. We cleaned up and headed home, laughing and talking about the experience all the way.

It wasn’t the romantic rustic retreat we’d imagined, but oh, how I love the memory. I love thinking and laughing about our adventure together and how those moments where things aren’t going according to plan can sometimes be the most cherished moments.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chad. I love you!