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Our kitchen cabinets aren’t that great. But we’re planning on redoing the whole kitchen within the next few years, so we aren’t putting a lot of money into it right now. But Chad got the idea to do some glass in some of the cabinets, and I thought it would be a nice, inexpensive face lift that we wouldn’t mind ripping out when the time comes. (I want to paint the cabinets, but Chad has vehemently vetoed that idea.)

So he ripped the center panel out of the cabinet doors and ordered glass. He also had the idea to etch a design into the glass to go with this vinyl (from Stampin’ Up!) I have in the kitchen. So armed with etching cream, painter’s tape, and my trusty circle punch, we got started.

The bottle of etching cream says, “Not intended for large solid areas.” They mean it. We ended up having to put the design on a second time and etch again to get a smooth etch. It was a lot more work than either of us anticipated, but I really like it and it does create a cohesive look.