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I like organization. I often find myself reorganizing a shelf or going through things to get rid of the things I’m not using. I really like clutter-free spaces. So while I’m pretty good at keeping things tidy, I’m not good at cleaning.

I wait until things are bugging me, then get grumpy and clean in a fury. Then I start the whole vicious cycle over again. Until recently.

I finally sat down and made myself a chore chart–one that’s realistic for me and my house. By breaking it down into pieces that I’m responsible (to myself) to take care of each day, I’m finding that I can enjoy a CLEAN house as well as a tidy house.

So far, I’m liking the new system for several reasons:

  1. I only have one or two chores every day, so it makes it easy to accomplish my cleaning and errands like grocery shopping.
  2. When I see something amiss (like little handprints on the front window) I don’t let it bug me because I know I’ll be washing the window on Thursday. If it bothers me before then, I can certainly take care of it, but it helps me keep perspective–and let’s face it, I never washed my windows every week before so I’m already ahead.
  3. There’s no guilt when I sit down to blog or craft after doing only a couple of chores. :)
  4. Everything’s under control. I think that’s the underlying problem that used to send me into cleaning panics. I felt out of control, but this is helping.

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking a bit as I get settled into a routine, but for the present, I’m loving this new approach.