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A couple of weeks ago a friend and I got together to make a pair of cute baby shoes. We had independently bought the same pattern (and I’d cut out a pair during my sewing machine absence), so we sat down and pounded them out.

I’ve always been intimidated by patterns. They seem so daunting, but I figured I could start with something small like a pair of shoes (since I’d made these booties already–they had to be somewhat similar in construction). I’m happy to report I’ve now successfully used a pattern (insert applause).

They’re a little big for Saige now, but she’ll grow into them. I did make an alteration to the pattern since it called for fabric soles and now that Saige is on the verge of walking I wanted something a little more substantial. I opted for some vinyl I had on hand, and I think it’ll hold up well. We’ll see anyway!