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I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time attempting patterns, but after the baby shoes went well, I decided it was time to step up the challenge.

So I found a pattern for this jacket, found a piece of fabric big enough (I thought) for the project, and started cutting. I realized too late that the yardage for the sleeves was separate from the jacket (?), so I had to alter my original plan of short sleeves and opt for a fluttery ruffle instead. Still cute, but not the original plan.

I’m amazed how much time it takes to cut pattern pieces, cut fabric, and transfer markings. I’d already spent hours between naps reading and cutting and hadn’t even made it to the sewing machine yet. But this is new for me, so I realize it took me longer than it probably takes most people.

Once I got started it wasn’t too bad–until step 32. For some reason the picture and the instructions were very different, and it took walking away and coming back several times as well as more failed attempts than I’d care to remember to get it all pinned what I thought was correctly (not the case). Several steps later, I realized that things weren’t right, but at that point I could see how to make it work without deconstructing the whole thing.

I finally made it to step 54, looked with pride at my creation. It looked fabulous, so I tried it on. It was huge. And I felt like a football player instead of a chic lady. It was big in all the wrong places, and it seemed like the ruffle made my shoulders seem really broad. I don’t know what the point in measuring myself was if the guide was misleading. Did I measure that incorrectly? Who knows. All I knew was that it was 11:00 PM and I was ready for bed.

The next day I thought about my options, and I opted for the easiest solution that didn’t require unpicking the entire jacket. I took out two inches on each side, and it fit much better. At that point, I started playing with the sleeves, and decided to pleat the edge of the ruffle and stitch it down to get some of the broad shoulder effect to go away.

So this is what I ended up with. I’m fairly happy with it. However, I think I’d like to try again with another slightly different style. Maybe even figure out what in the world step 32 was really talking about.