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I love books. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise any of you who know me personally since I was an English major, and am quite the self-proclaimed book snob.

But I saw this amazing book origami on several blogs that I frequent, and had to give it a try.

It’s beautiful, and I’d love something like it in my house. And unlike other book art that I just can’t bring myself to make because it involves tearing pages from the book, this one is still readable…I know, it’s silly.

First, I went to my bookshelves to see what I had to donate. I have lots of books, but I really didn’t find much that I could live without. The choices came down to Hardy’s Return of the Native (a very odd story) and a W. B. Yeats reader (what a creepy man…). I’d have rather donated the Yeats, but it is a paperback, whereas Hardy is a hardcover and didn’t have quite so many pages.

Now Hardy was also pretty ugly. It’s an older copy, but not old enough to be vintage cool. And it had Nevada State Library stamped all over the sides of the pages in red ink. (Disclaimer: I bought it at DI–it was not purloined, at least not by me.) So I got to work by inking all the edges, turning them brown.

Next it was on to folding pages. And folding some more. And some more. I tried to trace the letter onto the pages of the book, but since it was and older and not so pristine book, the pages were uneven, and there was no getting an even line on them. So I had to do my best. I will probably find myself in future days refolding certain pages that are currently bothering me….

The green cover had to go, so I pulled out the brown paint, covered it up. Much better. Then a little Mod Podge magic to make it even prettier. Now it’s ready for display.