Ahh, my Saige! Here are a few fun shots from the month and a few milestones and cute things. Enjoy!

Milestones and Personality:

  1. Walking is sooo cool. She still prefers cruising to venturing out, but she’s very capable when the reward at the end of the walk is worth it.
  2. She said her first word: Mum. I’m so proud. Her daddy asks “Where’s mum?” and she turns to find me, points, and says, “Mum.”
  3. She points to her nose and finds her baby doll’s nose. It’s pretty cute.
  4. She loves zippers. It was funny to find her in her crib with her pjs unzipped to the belly button.
  5. We love going outside now that it’s a bit warmer! She doesn’t like grass yet, but we’re working on it.

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