No, not a rock tour or the circus. My curly hair! You see, I found out in college that I had curly hair. It was the kind of curly hair that people always want. I would get compliments and questions all the time about my hair like “How long did it take you to curl that?” or  “Do you use a special curling iron?” and then there was “That’s natural? I hate you.”  That kind of stuff. I swear my hair got more dates than my personality did. Here’s some proof. (My hair had a really hot date…so never you mind the mushy photos.)

But it all came to an end when I had Saige. I tried for several weeks to get my hair to curl, then came to the horrid realization that it was gone. Diminished to a limp wave not consistent enough to be pretty. I’ve been mourning the loss ever since.

But the other day I noticed how the annoying baby hairs around my hairline were looking rather curly. So I braved the likely possibility of crushing results, and tried to do my hair curly again. I was pleasantly (overjoyed) surprised to find that while the curl isn’t back in full force, I think it’s getting there. And even if I am only left with what I’ve now got, I’ll be okay with that because I had to live without it for a while.