7 years ago I saw this print (a watercolor of the landmarks in Bath, England) and fell in love. I wanted to buy it, but was backpacking and knew it wouldn’t survive the next 5 weeks.

6 years ago I tracked it down online and figured out how much it would cost to buy it.

5 years ago I bought it, but decided I didn’t want to pay to have it framed and shipped from England–I could do it for much less. I also had it shipped to Louisiana (long story).

4 years ago, I held it in my hands for the first time. Then it sat. For years.

1 year ago, I had it matted (and again not framed) because I was sure I could find a frame for less. Note: this isn’t a standard-sized print or mat.

9 months ago, my sweet husband made me a frame.

4 months ago, he cut me some glass when we were doing the kitchen cabinets.

1 month ago, I cut some cardboard backing.

Today, my sweetheart helped me finish it up, and I’m happy and relieved that this long-term-project-that-shouldn’t-have-been-a-project-at-all is finished.

Moral of the story: Buy the framed print when you first have the chance.