I didn’t realize how big our front yard update really was, but now that it’s mostly finished, I can definitely tell you it looks much better, and has been a lot of hard work–mostly on Chad’s part and with some help from friends.

This year we have:

  1. Torn out everything including concrete, grass, massive tree roots from multiple trees, and sprinklers.
  2. Poured new concrete driveway, walkways, and small section of sidewalk.
  3. Had concrete curbing poured.
  4. Redid the sprinkler system.
  5. Replaced sod.
  6. Planted about half of the plants we’ll need (the other half we’ll do this fall) and cut out old sod from the new beds.
  7. Mulched.
But it looks so much better than it did. I wish I had a good “before” picture to share, but I don’t so you’ll just have to trust me.