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Diaper bags are silly expensive. So for the past 14 months, I’ve been carrying a free messenger bag I got from work (when I worked) as my diaper bag. It worked alright–it had some nice pockets on the outside, but the problem was the inside. The only pocket was for pens. Not too helpful. So my diaper bag always ended up looking like this:

No joke, this is just a typical day in my diaper bag.

So I decided I needed something else or I would go crazy.  A while ago I found a pattern (Butterick B4560) at DI for $.50. Then a bit later I found some home decor fabric and a coordinating fabric that would work for a lining on clearance. I got both for $6.30. Add in the dollar for the plastic canvas that goes in the bottom of the bag, and this diaper bag cost me a grand total of $7.80 plus a little time. But I love that it works for me and that I got to make the alterations I wanted.

There areLOTS of pockets. On the outside and on the inside. Everything fits in a pocket nicely, and I literally have nothing on the bottom of the bag (although that changes regularly as I run errands). Everything from the old diaper bag is in here…really.

It even fits nicely on the stroller. Happy days.