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I recently needed a change of pillow scenery in the front room. I love my rust color as the room’s accent (below), but I wanted to make something summery for a month or two.

This definitely lightens the color scheme (but still falls in the “always colors”) for a temporary change.

Our couch came with two of these pillows.

I always felt like they were a bit big and where they’re from the exact same fabric, they don’t really do anything for the room. So I’ve been storing them for a couple of years now, just waiting for inspiration to strike. Since they were so big, I was able to make three new pillows that fit the couch better and added a punch of color. And the grand total for this project was $3. Fabulous.

Now I’m just thinking I need to add some yellow accent pieces to the walls. I’m sure I’ll come up with something from what I’ve got laying around.