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Did you see this skirt from Alisa Burke that I posted about here? What about this little shirt by Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s Land? Mix them together, and I had a vision for this little dress for Saige. At first the vision didn’t include a sash, but the bit of color really finished it off.

Most of it came together quickly, but the neck line caused me some trouble since it was too big once I finished the dress. So I had to unpick the binding, do some alterations, and try again. More than once.

And now that she’s worn it to church, I am going to do a few more tweaks (add loops to keep the sash in place and fix a ruffle that was bugging me and move the button). But all in all, I really think it captures Saige’s sweetness and it’s definitely unique.

Oh, and yes, that’s the same sash that was around  my expanding belly in this post. We can share, right?