I’ve been promising [my family] a Saige post with pictures, so here it is!

  • Saige is awesome. She gives high fives and knuckle bumps to just about everyone, but Daddy’s still the coolest.
  • She likes clothes and getting dressed. She also likes getting undressed. Yesterday I found her shirtless after her nap. She was very proud.
  • Her newer words include: Happy face (a game we play), please, thank you, I love you, and lots of others that have escaped my memory at this point. Every day she seems to say something new, although sometimes she’s still just trying out the sounds. She also says:
  • Stinky. She’ll tell us she’s stinky and goes to get a diaper. She started doing it on her own a couple of weeks ago, and it’s fabulous. We’re hoping this means potty training will go smoothly when it’s time.
  • She’s such a smart girl it amazes us all the time. You explain something to her once, and she gets it.

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Update: Other words she says include Lamby, pretty, shoes, sticky, blankee, and spoon. Many others, but those are the ones she said tonight.