I don’t have many vanity points, but my hair is one of them. It goes through periods where we don’t get along as well (like I talked about in this post), but most of the time I am really grateful for the hair I have.

It goes curly; it straightens nicely; it can do most things. Sometimes I wish I had just a bit more, but that’s why I love my hair when I’m pregnant. I love having those extra strands for this short period of time.

Take this picture above. I curled it on Sunday morning–it’s now Tuesday night and I just pulled it down from the pony tail it’s been in all day. I haven’t done anything to it since Sunday morning. That doesn’t happen all the time. It also doesn’t lay flat on my head like normal because I have those extra strands.

I’ll sure miss my hair in a couple of months (both the natural curl I expect to lose again and the extra strands), but until then, I’m in heaven.