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On Sunday, we learned that people who show lots of gratitude sleep better. So this morning as I was not slumbering in my bed, I started thinking about all the things I’m grateful for. Some of them are obvious (like my sweet husband and my beautiful daughter), but I wanted to also find gratitude for some not-so-obvious things (mostly pregnancy related) as well. Here are a few:

  1. A healthy body.
  2. That my sweet daughter lets me have bad days and takes them all in stride. What an angel she is.
  3. Healthy pregnancies. I think all pregnancies are hard, but I’m grateful that I’ve not had any complications and that my body knows what it’s doing (even when I don’t). I may have lost sight of the miracle that pregnancy is, but last night I was thinking about and remembering Saige’s birth, and I’m looking forward to experiencing it all over again with this new baby.
  4. An active baby inside me. I don’t really like it when she rolls around, but it’s a good thing because I know she’s healthy and doing well.
  5. No stretch marks (yet? I made it through Saige without any, and I’m feeling pretty good about squeaking by this time, too). Yeah, it’s vain, but I’m still grateful.
  6. That I get to see my family this week–half of them anyway. I’ll miss Kath, Zan, Kara, and Trev, but I’m glad to get to spend time with my parents, Callie, and Brandon.
  7. That Christmas will come before Miss Mabey (hopefully). With all the preparation and busyness, the remaining 5 weeks are going to fly by.
  8. Only 5 weeks left? Yes, I’m grateful for that too.
  9. A strong support system. Where would I be without my family and friends? In a heap on the floor, probably. :)
  10. That I never run out of things to do. As long as I keep it in perspective, I love having a constant stream of things to keep my body and hands active.
  11. Crafting. It saves me from insanity sometimes. It just feels good to create something tangible and visible.