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This is the year for stockings, I’ve decided. Chad and I have never had one since we’ve been married. We’ve also spent all of our married Christmases in Idaho with my family, so it hasn’t been even a thought.

But this year will be different. With Miss Mabey coming so close, we are staying home and having our own little Christmas for the first time. Saige will be old enough to enjoy digging treasures out of a stocking, and it just seems like the right time.

So I pulled out my wool felt that I’ve been buying off the remnant rack (with no real purpose–I’ve just been sure it was necessary), and whipped up four stockings with ribbon trim. I thought about embellishing them, but then stopped. I want these stockings to last for several years (obviously, as I made four and Miss Mabey won’t need one this year) and if the girls want to choose a favorite color in a year or two, I don’t want one option to say “Mom” or “Dad” on it.

So while I may still create an embellishment or monogram, they’ll be removable and can change with whatever whim I’m feeling in years to come. I love simplicity and being able to change my mind!