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Ever since I saw this tutorial, I’ve known I’d give it a try. I had just given away the perfect sweater a few weeks before though…sad. But as I went through my bag of upcycleable clothes, I found a damaged men’s sweater I’d snagged for $.97 that I knew would be a classy little number. I cut off the navy blue and orange stripes to leave only the gray and cream…perfect for a little girl.

Unfortunately, I got a little excited when I cut the top portion of the dress, so when I tried it on Saige, it was completely skewed. Too tight on top, then really long and flowy on the bottom. Sad.

But I fixed it anyway. It’s shorter now and looks much better proportioned. For my next little girl. And I think she’ll look very sophisticated in it once she’s big enough.

I’ll just have to try again for Saige. :)