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I’ve had several people ask about Brynley’s birth, so here’s the story!

Sometimes birth plans don’t go according to plan. Ideally, my water would have broken and we’d have made our way to the hospital where I’d have had an epidural to manage my pain. Brynley would be delivered safe and happy into a doctor’s hands. My labor and delivery was far from that, but the story will be hers forever. And really, I got the only part of the plan that was important—she was delivered safely and is healthy.

My contractions started around 11:00 PM, and by 2:00 AM they were bad enough that I asked my sweet Chad to give me a Priesthood blessing. I thought I was in false labor because everything I’d read and heard said it was false, so I kept trying to simply not think about it (and breathe slowly). I was so convinced that I didn’t even consider that it was real labor.

Chad blessed me that I wouldn’t have to endure anything that wasn’t necessary, so when my contractions didn’t stop, I should have known that it was really happening. But I didn’t. I kept trying to relax and manage my pain to the best of my ability until about 4:00 AM when my water broke, and I knew it was different than with Saige. (With Saige, my water broke before I had any contractions, then I had to be induced because my body wasn’t really ready on its own. Add in an epidural, and I really didn’t know what labor felt like…)

I tried to get up to go to the bathroom, but walking was almost impossible at that point and I knew I was in trouble. I called to Chad, and he immediately got up and tried to call his mom to come over. By this time, I had made it to the bathroom and realized that Brynley’s head was crowning—-it was too late to make it to the hospital even though we only live five minutes away.

Chad was ready to go, and tried to tell me that we could make it, but I knew differently. I sat on the floor, and seconds later, Chad delivered our sweet baby. Our baby was tiny, but she cried right away just like they’re supposed to and we knew everything would be okay. We called 911 and a dispatcher guided him through the steps to tying off the umbilical cord and taking care of us until the fire department could arrive. We both had so much adrenaline pumping that there was no time to be scared or panic.

Soon the ambulance and fire truck came and took over. They made sure we were okay and took us to the hospital where we were both very well taken care of. We were a sort of celebrity in the hospital, although we’d have preferred to be like everyone else. We came home the next evening, and it was a little surreal to walk into the (now cleaned) bathroom and relive parts of Brynley’s birth. It’s still a little surreal.

On Christmas day, we were in the living room when the fire truck pulled up to our house, and three of the men who had helped us came to see our little miracle. We were so grateful to be able to thank them again. We were also extremely grateful that everything turned out so well and that there were no complications. I never planned on or prepared for a home birth, and it’s not something I choose to repeat, but it was beautiful in it’s simplicity and the closeness I felt to my husband and my new tiny baby.

Next time, I’ll try to stick to the birth plan…