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It’s been 16 days and 150 diapers since Brynley joined our family. Since then, she’s graduated from preemie clothes and diapers to newborn sizes, broken the 6 pound mark, and stolen a lot of hearts.

Especially mine.

Adding another child to our family has been so right. I love our family time. Each night as we get Saige ready for bed, we all gather together to read stories, say family prayers, and the rest of the bedtime routine. And it couldn’t feel more right to have Brynley there even though she’s sleeping unaware in my arms.

Two kids are definitely more challenging than one right now, but we’re getting into a routine and I’m grateful for all the help we’ve received. It’s given me time to bond with my little one, give Saige some undivided attention, and even spend some quiet moments with my sweet husband.